Ada Haldeman Ford


Ada Haldeman Ford
Ada Haldeman Ford was born in Minnesota in 1883. Six years later her family moved back to their native West Virginia. Ada attended Fairmont Normal School, receiving her teacher’s certificate at the age of sixteen. Later she worked in several positions in the offices of the Circuit Court, County Clerk, and Prosecuting Attorney in Taylor county. In 1909, she married Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney Gene W. Ford.

Ada Ford was instrumental in organizing the Women’s Suffrage movement in West Virginia. She was one of the five women on the State Board which conducted the campaign for the 19th amendment. She was founder and President of the Women’s Suffrage League in Taylor County.

After the ratification of the 19th amendment, Ada worked in the Democratic Party to organize women voters. She served three terms on the State Executive Committee for the party. She continued to be involved in public service through civic and faith-based organizations throughout her life

Ada Haldeman Ford died in 1979.